In order to access Wish data through the merchant API, you must first register a public app. This app will have to be authenticated using the OAuth 2.0 specification.

This guide will show you how to create your app. To learn how to authenticate your app, click here.

NOTE: If you are a merchant and want to create an application only for yourself, learn about how to create a private app here. This CANNOT be shared with multiple merchants.

Creating the Public App

To create your first public app, log in to the merchant dashboard and click the API Settings tab. You should see the following form:

The redirect URI is an endpoint that is owned by you. This will be the URI to which we send the authorization code. This URI must use HTTPS. For more information on how this endpoint will be used, click here.

After you create your app, you should see the following:

This page contains all the details of your app that you will need to begin the authorization process.

At the moment, we only allow you to own one public app.

Transferring Your Merchants

Before reading this section, make sure you are familiar with the new authorization flow.

To help you transition your merchants to the new API, we have prepared the following endpoint. By calling this endpoint, you can obtain an authorization code for merchants that have already given permission to your application. This allows you to obtain the authorization code without forcing your merchant to do any work.

POST https://merchant.wish.com/api/v2/oauth/auth_code
client_idYour app's client ID
client_secretYour app's client secret
merchant_idThe merchant ID of the merchant who authorized your app.

This will make a GET request to your redirect URI with an authorization code, as if the merchant has authorized your app. If successful, the API will respond with a response code of 0. You can then exchange this code for an access token and begin making authorized requests.