Give your top products a ProductBoost
With ProductBoost, your products get promoted and receive more impressions on Wish
How do I use ProductBoost?
You pick the products you want to promote and we show them to customers who are most likely to buy them. You can promote multiple products in a single campaign.
How much does it cost?
You decide how much you spend. You set the budget. We will never spend more than your budget.
What can it do for me?
ProductBoost places your products where they are most likely to be purchased.

We ran a test with 30,000 merchants who use ProductBoost. On average, for every $1 dollar spent on ProductBoost merchants saw an increase of $4.68 in GMV!
Where will my ads show up?
Wish uses an algorithm to determine where your ProductBoost products are most likely to be purchased. ProductBoost products will show up on the Wish app and website, in search results, the related tab, and other placements on Wish.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is ProductBoost?
ProductBoost is Wish's native advertising tool for merchants. Combined with Wish's optimization algorithm, ProductBoost increases the exposure of your products and promotes your best products.
Why should I use ProductBoost?
There are many benefits of using ProductBoost as it can help you accelerate product exposure, increase product impressions and sales, and highlight your top selling products faster.
What products should I boost?
For optimal success, we suggest starting with your top-selling products, as well as high quality products that are relevant to Wish’s customers.
Where will my products be shown?
Boosted products move higher up within the product rankings for the keywords associated with them. The products will show up on the Wish app and website, in search results, the related tab, and more.
Case Studies
Using ProductBoost, VIP Outlet was able to generate $225k in sales of consumer electronics with a budget of just $750.
Yiwu Guan Yuan Enterprise
Home & beauty merchant Yiwu Guan Yuan increased their ROAS by 492% during their first two months of using ProductBoost.
Shanghai ShangShu Clothing Co
Over a period of just 3 weeks, they launched 48 ProductBoost campaigns and improved their total revenue by 50%.
Tactical Gear merchant Best Outdoors saw 2.3x ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) in their first ProductBoost test.
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